Your Digital ID

Getting Started

The Digital PLNU ID is available to all enrolled students and current employees. Your Digital PLNU ID replaces your physical PLNU ID Card and now you can add it to your preferred digital wallet. Tap your iPhone, Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy, or other eligible Android phones at readers across campus to conveniently use your PLNU ID.

Minimal set up is required to use your Digital PLNU ID. Most users can begin using their Digital PLNU ID on their phone in minutes. An approved ID photo is required and you must be a current student, employee, or authorized University guest. Once you enroll your Digital PLNU ID, your physical PLNU ID card will be deactivated.

To access the full User Guide & FAQs for each of the available digital wallets, including enrollment instructions, please use the links below:


In order to enroll your Digital PLNU ID, your PLNU OneLogin account must be setup with a password and an MFA factor, and you must have submitted an ID photo.

If you are new to the University, you will automatically receive an invitation email that will help you setup your PLNU OneLogin account.

Please refer to this link for our ID photo guidelines and submission instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using your Digital PLNU ID On Campus

What devices are supported for Digital PLNU IDs?
Where can I use my PLNU ID?
What kinds of campus balances can my PLNU ID be associated with?
How do I update information on my PLNU ID?
Why are my SeaLion$ or PBC balances not displaying?
I used my credit card at a participating retail location when I meant to use my PLNU ID. What can I do to correct my payment method?
I am graduating or leaving the University. What happens to my Digital PLNU ID?
I am not having success adding my PLNU ID to my device. Who can help me?
How do I change or recover my PLNU password?
How do I activate and install MFA (multi-factor authentication)?
Do I still need my physical PLNU ID?
Can I still use my physical PLNU ID once I have created my Digital ID?
I already have the Transact eAccounts mobile app installed. Do I need to update?
How do I update the Transact eAccounts mobile app?
My balance is different on my device than in Transact eAccounts!
Why do I have a negative balance on my PLNU ID?

Securing your Account

What should I do if I lose my card or device, or if I believe there has been fradulent use of my credential?
How do I reactivate my credential if I find my lost device?


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