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The majority of web sites that PLNU users log into utilize a 'single sign-on' (or SSO) provider called OneLogin.  When logging into one of these University sites, you will be redirected to a OneLogin page to provide your PLNU username and password.  After receiving valid credentials, OneLogin prompts the user for 2-Factor Authentication to verify the user's identity.  Common 2-Factor Authentication methods include SMS texting, the Google Authenticator app, or the OneLogin Protect app.

New users will be prompted to set up 2-Factor Authentication the first time their username and password are used to log in. 

If users have forgotten their password and have already set up 2-Factor Authentication, the Forgot Password tool may be used to choose a new password.

Forgot Password

This tool is meant to help users who have forgotten their password, but may also be used by any user who wishes to reset their OneLogin password, and has already configured 2-Factor Authentication.

  • Must know the exact username of the account in question
  • Must have a working 2-Factor Authentication method already configured
  1. Go to the web site login.pointloma.edu 
  2. Click on the Forgot Password link 

  3. Type the username in the box and then click Continue 
    • Do not type an email address
    • Do not type a person's actual name (unless it is included as part of the username)
  4. Click on the desired 2-Factor Authentication method (many users have only configured 1 method)

  5. Complete the on-screen prompt for the selected 2-Factor Authentication method
  6. Type a new password in the box and then click Submit 
    • Must not match previous 5 passwords
    • Must be at least 12 characters long (spaces are allowed and included in the count)
    • Must include at least 3 types of characters (choose from capital, lowercase, numbers, special characters) 
    • Must not include portions of the user's name
    • Student/Faculty/Staff accounts have these added restrictions:
      • Must not include the same character 3 times in a row
      • Must not include 3 or more characters in ascending or descending order
        (examples: abc, cba, 123, 321)
  7. If password change is successful, the login page will be shown again


Video Instructions:



Phone Support: the PLNU ITS Help Desk

The Help Desk is also able to assist with some of the sites that do not utilize OneLogin credentials, or may be able to direct users to the correct support resources.

The Help Desk may be reached at 619-849-2222 and the hours of operation are posted at this site's front page (help.pointloma.edu). 

For cases which require the Help Desk to make changes to a user's account or provide their username, the caller must be the owner of the account in question, and the Help Desk is required to verify identity. This verification may only be done over the phone or in-person.  If the Help Desk is unable to verify identity, the request may be escalated to an ITS security officer, which may not be possible at the immediate time of the request.


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