Popular Services

How to report a phishing email.

PLNU offers multiple network file shares. Sometimes the existing permissions may not meet a department's needs. When this occurs, the data owner of a shared folder should use this service to request permissions.

All staff, faculty, and students receive an @pointloma.edu email address provided through Gmail. This account is the primary form of communication used for PLNU specific information.


Sending and receiving faxes using email or multi-functional printers.

Processes for when a current employee changes positions or departments within the university, or adds or removes responsibilities for a different position or department.

Google Calendar is a time-management web application that allows you to view, share, and organize your schedule across multiple devices.

Google Contacts provides a way to store and organize contact information for the people with which you communicate.

Tools to help multiple people work together on a single document or file to achieve a single final version.

A central hub that represents a student's digital campus experience, providing a single interface for the most relevant and personalized information, resources, and engagement opportunities.

Report an information security incident to ITS.

Distribution lists are an easy way to send and receive emails to a designated list of people.