What is Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is a time-management web application that allows you to view and organize your schedule across multiple devices, keep track of your important meetings and events, share your calendar with others and much more.  Google Calendar is available to you as part of your Google account at PLNU and can be directly accessed by browsing to and logging in with your PLNU credentials. You can use Google Calendar on a computer, phone, or tablet. Any events you create or edit will sync automatically among all versions of Google Calendar where you're signed in.


Detailed instructions for the features and functions of Google Calendar are available at the Google Calendar Help Center.

If further assistance in needed, please use the Request Help button on this page.


Frequently Asked Google Calendar Questions

How to create an Additional Calendar
How to create Appointment Slots
How to view Calendar by Day, Week, or Month
How to change Default Meeting Length
How to setup Notifications
How to Create an Event
How to send a Meeting Request
How to create a Repeating Event


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