What is PLNU Gmail?

Gmail provides an email interface for student, faculty, staff, and Alumni email.  This system features unlimited email storage, enhanced mail search that is available across all of you devices.  Gmail is available to you as part of you Google account at PLNU and can be directly accessed by browsing to and logging in with your PLNU credentials.



Google Support for Gmail

If further assistance in needed, please use the Request Help button on this page.


PLNU How-to's for Frequently Asked Gmail Questions

How to Attach a File
How to turn off Conversation view
How to set up Email Filters
How to change your Inbox View
How to Manage Labels
How to Search Mail
How to apply a Signature
How to setup a Vacation Responder
How to Google Sync with your iOS device
How to Google Sync with your Windows Phone
How to Set up your Android for Google Apps

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