OneLogin: Password Change

This article shows how to change a password, as well as how to prevent account lockouts and other problems following a password change.


Change Password Link in OneLogin

In addition to the Forgot Password tool, users who can log in may use the Change Password link on the OneLogin profile page.  

  • must know exact username of the account in question
  • must be able to type current functional password (autofill will not help)


  1. Click here for the OneLogin profile page (log in if prompted)
  2. Click on Change Password on the left side of the page
    (If on a mobile browser, first tap Profile at top to expand menu)
  3. Type the current password in the top box
  4. Type a new password in the bottom box and then click Update Password
         -cannot match previous 5 passwords
         -at least 12 characters long
         -spaces are allowed and included in the count
         -must include at least 3 types of characters (choose from capital, lowercase, numbers, special characters) 
  5. If password change is successful, profile page will be shown again


Video Instructions for change password link



Additional Considerations After Changing Password

Changing a password can have some predictable, yet often overlooked repercussions.  These are the most common:


To avoid account lockout, go to the settings of devices that use PLNU-WiFi, and forget or delete any networks that have PLNU in the title.  Some devices only show networks currently within range, so this step may need to be done on campus.  Once forgotten, reconnect to PLNU-WiFi using the new password.  If the new password does not work immediately, forget the network again, wait 15 minutes, and try to connect again.


PLNU-issued Windows laptops

If on campus, log off or shut down the computer, then make sure the computer has a working Ethernet connection to the PLNU network.  Once connected, sign back into the computer with the new password.

If away from campus, connect to VPN and stay connected until automatically prompted for up-to-date credentials.  When the notification below appears, lock the screen with the Windows key and the L key (Win+L), and then click to log in with the new password.


Web Browsers Auto-filling Passwords

Web browsers often remember passwords and auto-fill them for users.  Here are password management support articles for popular browsers:


Apps with PLNU Accounts

Some apps may require users to log in again after a password change.  Most will automatically prompt for credentials if needed; others may stop functioning correctly.  Common examples include mobile apps like Canvas, Workday, and Gmail, or built-in functions, such as the Passwords & Accounts section of Apple's iOS Settings app.



Further Assistance: the Help Desk

The Help Desk is available to assist with password changes and any issues that may arise after a change.  The Help Desk's phone number is 619-849-2222 and the hours of operation are posted at this site's front page ( 





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