Changing your password

You can change your PLNU account password by following these steps:

  • Visit and log in to your account
  • Click on your name in the upper right corner
  • Select Profile
  • Select Change Password
  • Follow the prompts

Note: After your password is changed, you will need to update it on all devices that access your PLNU account as well (i.e. checking email from your mobile phone, campus WiFi, etc.)


Additional Considerations After Changing Password

Changing a password can have some predictable, yet often overlooked repercussions.  These are the most common:


To avoid account lockout, go to the settings of devices that use PLNU-WiFi, and forget or delete any networks that have PLNU in the title.  Some devices only show networks currently within range, so this step may need to be done on campus.  Once forgotten, reconnect to PLNU-WiFi using the new password.  If the new password does not work immediately, forget the network again, wait 15 minutes, and try to connect again.


Further Assistance

The Help Desk is available to assist with password changes and any issues that may arise after a change.  The Help Desk's phone number is 619-849-2222 and the hours of operation are posted at this site's front page ( 


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