OneLogin: OneLogin SMS

Add OneLogin SMS as Two-Factor Authentication


  1. Use the following link to get to your OneLogin Profile
  2. Click  Security Factors on the left 
  3. Click Add Factor 
  4. Choose Onelogin SMS from the list of Security Factors.
  5. A text will be sent to your mobile phone number we have on file.
  6. Type the code from your text message into the blank box, and then click CONTINUE
  7. You can choose which Security Factor is your default by selecting the three dots next to the security factor of your choosing and selecting set as primary.
    • Note: If you try to change a security factor that is already you primary authenticator, clicking the three dots will not show the option Set as Primary


If you no longer have access to your phone or phone number and need access to your account, contact the PLNU Help Desk at (619) 849-2222.
You can also access the OneLogin Knowledge Base by visiting their Help Desk at for detailed questions regarding the service.

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