OneLogin: Setup Google Authenticator

The Google Authenticator is used as an MFA option in which the user will receive one time use codes that last for 30 seconds and continuously generates new codes.


  • Now on your computer navigate to and login with your PLNU login.
  • From the drop menu select “Google Authenticator” 

The following will display when you select “Google Authenticator”

  • On your Smartphone, open the Google Authenticator and select “Scan Barcode”.
  • With your Smartphone, scan the Barcode displayed on the computer screen.
  • Once the Google Authenticator has added the account, it will generate a code.
  • Enter code from your smartphone into the “Security Code” field on your computer.
  • In your Profile, you should now see “Google Authenticator” under “2-Factor Authentication”.

Now, when you login to on a browser or device that is not recognized by OneLogin you will open your Google Authenticator app and use the 6 digit code that is generated in that app to access this system. 

If you no longer have access to your phone and need access to an unrecognized browser or device, contact the PLNU Help Desk at (619) 849-2222. 

You can also access the OneLogin Knowledge Base by visiting their Help Desk at for detailed questions regarding the service. 





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