Technology Requirements and Recommendations

Specific technology requirements and recommendations for software and hardware may differ from class to class and from instructor to instructor but the following are considered to be core University requirements for University students.



Apple computers should be running a version of the operating system that is no more than two versions old.  Assuming that the current release of macOS is 10.15, then 10.14 and 10.13 would continue to be updated by Apple and would be acceptable.

Windows computers should be running a version of Windows that is under support by Microsoft.  Additionally, these computers should set to auto update so that the system may continue to receive current security and feature enhancements.

Webcam and microphone:  Both integrated and external are acceptable.

NOTE: Mobile devices such as an iPhone/iPad or Android phones or tablets may be used but may limit your ability to load app updates and to complete course work. 



Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) is recommended to help prevent file compatibility issues.  Installation details can be found in the Access the Office Suite knowledge base article on this site.

University issued Google Suite (Gmail, Docs, Sheet, etc) accounts are created for all University students.

Antivirus and malware protection should be installed, set to actively scan, and set to automatically update.

Zoom meetings will be conducted and may be accessed via the Zoom web site or by installing the Zoom software. 

PDF readers such as Adobe Reader and various Chrome extensions are available for viewing pdf files.

Google's Chrome web browser is recommended for most University web sites.



High-speed internet connection (DSL, cable modem, fiber) will be needed when connecting to PLNU resources when off-campus for the best results.


General Information

Information on available discounts for hardware and software is available in this knowledge base article

In order to run the most secure and up-to-date versions of your operating system and software, please insure that auto-update is enabled for each.




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