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This article covers technology recommendations and requirements needed to support student course work.
How to setup OneLogin Protect once signed into login.pointloma.edu
Setup Google Authenticator with your login.pointloma.edu account
How to configure OneLogin SMS and how to set it as your default method of 2-Factor Authentication.
Start an expense report to record expenses you’ve incurred on behalf of PLNU and to request reimbursement for them.
This article details how to regain access to a University account and provides specifics on how to use the Forgot Password tool to change the password for a primary University account.
How to change your current authentication method to use the Google Authenticator App
This article has links to internet providers and how they can assist with low or no-cost Internet access at home.
Logging in with your University credentials is required to access the content of this site
Step-by-Step Guide to connecting laptop to classroom technology (PTZ camera, classroom mic, speaker, etc.) and required software needed to connect to the docking station successfully.
This article details how to use the Forgot Password link for anyone who has already configured 2-Factor Authentication, and how to the use the Change Password link for users who can provide the current working password.
Step-by-step guides for using Zoom enabled classrooms
How to install printers on PLNU computers running MacOS and set a default printer.
OneLogin Voice is a security factor that calls a phone number and asks you to enter the code being displayed
instructions on how to use Zero Clients
Setting up a new yubikey with OneLogin
This article details steps on how to connect to AirParrot using a windows computer.
How to properly install a monitor on both a PC and Macbook, as well as doing troubleshooting steps if a monitor is not working.
This article details steps on how to connect to Airplay from a Mac.
In early 2022, Zoom made an unannounced change to begin requiring passcodes on all meetings. This article explains how to allow attendees to join without knowing the passcode.