Create an Expense Report

Create an Expense Report

From the Expenses worklet:

1.    Click the Create Expense Report button.

2.    Select either Create New Expense Report, Copy Previous Expense Report, or Create New Expense Report from Spend Authorization. Your selection determines what information displays on the new expense report.

3.    Create a Header Memo in the Memo field that describes the expenses included in this report. (e.g. Trip to Denver from 6/2-4 for educational conference to learn about budgeting)

4.    Ensure the Expense Report Date and Cost Center/Project/Grant are correct. Please note: If you remove the cost center/project/grant and re-select it, the fund and additional (NACUBO) worktag will automatically repopulate. The NACUBO worktag is used for PLNU reporting purposes and is required with every expense report.

5.    If you have any credit card transactions or quick (mobile) expense transactions you wish to include with this report, select them at the bottom of the page before continuing on.

6.    Click OK.

7.    Click the Add button in the Expense Report Lines section and then click New Expense to add an expense line for reimbursement. One expense line should be created each time payment is made.  Please do not combine multiple transactions into one expense line as this makes it difficult to assess sales tax, report activity, and find specific transactions.  The general rule is create a new line for each separate receipt.

8.    Complete all required fields, including Expense Item, Quantity, Per Unit Amount, Total Amount, and Memo (e.g. Lunch purchased for self while on Denver trip).

  • If multiple items are purchased from different expense item categories of if different budgets need to be charged for a single expense, please itemize the transaction to account for this activity. For example, if you purchased office supplies and pizza from Costco, the office supplies need to be coded to supplies while the pizza would be coded to local meals. For instructions on how to itemize a transaction, please click here.

9.    Add any attachments as needed (PLNU requires a receipt to be attached)

10. To add additional expense lines to the report, repeat steps 7-9 as needed. (Please use one receipt per expense line)

11. Click Submit.


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