Zero Clients

Getting to the log in screen

  • Many Zero Clients show a black screen when idle.  Try using the keyboard to wake it first.
  • The power button is located underneath the right hand side of the monitor.  It is clear when off, and turns red when powered on.
  • If NO SIGNAL PLEASE CHECK YOUR CONNECTION is shown, press the INPUT/EXIT button next to the power button.


How to log in to Zero Clients

  1. If asked to enter a server address, simply leave the default option selected, and click Connect.
  2. If a Domain: field is present, leave the *DefaultDomain* in there, which is auto-populated. 
  3. Enter OneLogin username and password, then click Login.  Do not append to username.
  4. Some Zero Clients require multi-factor authentication; those will ask you for Next tokencode before proceeding.
    For instructions on what to type, scroll down to "Multi-Factor Authentication" section below.
  5. Choose the desired pool (e.g., Computer Lab - Student, Employee, etc.), then click the Connect button.


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Logging in to some Zero Clients requires OneLogin SMS, Google Authenticator, or OneLogin Protect.  One of those 3 must be set a the Default/Primary choice in user's OneLogin Profile.  After submitting password, use applicable instructions below for Next tokencode step (#4 above) when logging in:

OneLogin SMS (text message)

User will automatically receive a text message with a code to type into the Next tokencode field.
(This code is not case-sensitive.)


Google Authenticator app

Open Google Authenticator app and type a code from the app into the Next tokencode field.
Remember to click Continue before the app generates a new code (every 30 seconds).


OneLogin Protect app (2 methods to choose from) 

Method 1 Type the word "push" (no quotes, all lower-case) in the Next tokencode field, then click Continue.
A push notification is sent to user's OneLogin Protect app to Accept or Deny access.

Method 2:  Open OneLogin Protect app and type a code from your app into the Next tokencode field.
Remember to click Continue before the app generates a new code (every 30 seconds).


How to log out of a Zero Client

  1. Click on the 'Start Menu' in the bottom-right corner. 
  2. Click on the user icon button.  
  3. Click Sign out.


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